IEEE Student Branch, DJSCE

For two years of my undergrad, I was a member of the IEEE student chapter of my institute, DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering.

IEEE Brainwaves is the official IEEE student branch of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. The student chapter is responsible for coordinating & conducting various workshops and other activities at the institute, which include expert lectures, seminars, workshops, and industry visits, and mentoring sessions by alumni. These all are the initiatives by the department to ensure a holistic learning experience in the 4 years of engineering at DJSCE.

Visit out website - https://www.ieeedjsce.com.

I joined the team as a technical team member back in 2019 - my sophomore year. I was then promoted as the Chairperson for the following academic year. I look back at the past two years spent at the club fondly. The work and topics ranged from photo editing, electronics, programming, to even the equity markets.

Here are a few glimpses of our events during the last year.

Drone Federation of India Seminar:

DFI Workshop organized in collaboration with the Drone Federation of India. It introduced the world of drones including ArduPilot, navigation, and autonomy. The speaker of the event was Mr. Smit Shah who is the Director of the Drone Federation of India. The key takeaway from this seminar was the growing prominence of drone technology and its expansion in the industry. The webinar was followed by a short QnA.

IEEE Alumni Series Episode 1: CAN Protocol and Implementation of RTOS:

We conducted Episode 1 of IEEE Alumni Series on CAN and RTOS protocols with Samuel Ramrajkar, alumni of DJ Sanghvi College and Rutgers University. He is an embedded software engineer at Aerotek and has worked in companies like Mars international and Siemens. The attendees were introduced to the concepts of real-time computing, automotive-grade electronic standards, and embedded programming fundamentals such as MISRA C. Leveraging his experience in the industry for 5+years, he shared some of the key takeaways about the topics and how students can benefit from them.

PIXELATED: Photo Editing Workshop:

PIXELATED 1 Poster PIXELATED 1 Snap Workshop organized along with Sanjay Chauhan who is a creative editor and works as a motion graphic designer and graphic designer and is working on new projects of web development. The workshop introduced the basics of Adobe Photoshop such as spot healing, clone stamping, and CAF (Content-Aware Fill). The workshop was divided into four parts to sequentially introduce the features of the application.

IEEE Alumni Series Episode 2: Tableau for Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence:

Tableau Tableau again IEEE in association with the IBM Data analytics program organized IEEE Alumni Series Episode 2 on Tableau for Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence with Mr. Sachin Nagda, Quantitative Finance Analyst- Assistant Vice President at Bank of America. Mr. Sachin is an alumnus of the University of Texas and Dallas and has been working with Bank of America for 4+ years. Attendees were provided with hands-on experience on Tableau to perform data analysis and anomaly detection. It also explained how big organizations such as the Bank of America leverage Tableau to perform their strategic and analytics operations.

PIXELATED: Video Editing Workshop:

PIXELATED 2 Poster PIXELATED 2 Snap IEEE Brainwaves in collaboration with speaker Amey Karhade organized an intercollege video editing workshop with an aim to make students familiar with Adobe After effects. Amey is a creative editor and is currently working at MONK-E as a video editor. He shares his work through his YouTube channel. The workshop introduced the concepts of video editing, swipe effect, door-effect, and clone swipe. The software used for these techniques was Adobe After Effects. A short QnA session was kept at the end.


Gitup poster Gitup 1 Gitup 2 IEEE Brainwaves in collaboration with speaker Vrushti Modi organized an event - “GIT UP” to emphasize open-source contributions and version control. Vrushti herself being an MLH Fellow and an open-source contributor based in Mumbai, India. It was a hands-on workshop where students learned GIT commands under the guidance of Vrushti. At the end of the session, students deployed a portfolio website on Netlify.

IEEE Alumni Series - Episode 3 - How to Identify High Growth Low Valuation Companies in Equity Markets - A Masterclass on Equity Markets by Jay Mehta:

Equities poster Equities 2 IEEE in association with IBM Data Analytics Program presents How to Identify High Growth Low Valuation Companies in Equity Markets- A Masterclass on Equity Markets by Jay Mehta. The workshop provided an insight on how to get started with the stock market. The session was completely interactive, and it made sure all the questions were answered thanks to Mr. Jay Mehta and his immense knowledge about stock markets.

IEEE Expert Lecture Series - Episode 1 - Fortinet Firewalls - Engineering for an Accelerated Network Security:

Firewall poster The first episode of our newly created Lecture Series – Fortinet Firewalls organized in collaboration with Mr. Rohan Kamat. Rohan Kamat is a Network Security Professional with 12 years of experience working with many Fortune 500 companies. Currently working as a Senior Systems Engineer, Rohan specializes in Network Security and is responsible for architecting robust solutions for customers using Fortinet technology. He gave an insight into network security and access modes, and why firewalls form an essential part of network security. Furthermore, advanced topics such as DDOS attacks were also a part of the discussion.

IEEE Expert Lecture Series - Episode 2 – Technical Paper, Report Writing, and Research Paper Publication:

IEEE Tech paper The second episode of our IEEE Expert Lecture series. This one delved a bit into the academic setting, the attendees were introduced to the concept of technical writing and how one can go about writing and publishing a research paper. The speakers for this event were our very own professors – Prof. (Ms.) Darshana M. Sankhe, Prof. (Ms.) Purva Badhe, and Prof. (Mrs.) Mrunal R. Rane. The outcome of this webinar was that the students learned how to write precise and to-the-point technical papers and reports.